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Buy Virtual Assets

For general users, you can buy crypto assets securely on WON. WON is also the first blockchain that is compliant with the mandatory KYC/AML protocols.

Enjoy Blockchain Games

For game players, blockchain technologies make games more user-oriented. WON games allow you to buy and sell valuable in-game items with cryptocurrencies.

Create Developer Coins

For developers, you can create your own cryptocurrency at a very low cost on WON. And we've gone through the complicated MTL, MSB programs for you.

WON - Bringing Crypto's Benefits To Everyone

What WON Provides
A Clean Blockchain

WON is the World's First Mandatory KYC/AML Compliant blockchain. WON also employs the Proof-of-Authority Byzantine Fault-tolerant algorithm which is faster and more energy efficient. Furthermore, there will be no ICOs, no pre-sales, no mining activities on WON.

A Secure Community

With the protection of WON's KYC program, all crime or scams are accountable to the single person. This means that criminals and scammers can't just go away. For privacy concerns, your KYC data are encrypted to retain a high level of security and anonymity.

Genesis of Developer Coins

Acknowledged third-party developers can create their own Developer Coin tokens and circulate them via WON platform or their games. We've also gone through MTL, MSB and other KYC/AML programs which will save third-party developers a lot of time.

Crypto Games

Crypto Age is the first crypto game on WON which is developed by TOP GAMES INC. There will be 6 Topgames titles on WON by the end of 2019. We hope that more game developers will join us with TOP GAMES' success. You can buy and sell valuable game items securely and beyond the limitation of traditional in-game currencies.

Top Games Inc. cooperates with WON as its first developer

Crypto Age
As the first blockchain game of Top Games Inc,. Crypto Age features blockchain-based historical generals and items that players can buy and sell.
The combination of WON and Top Games Inc, brings the power of blockchain directly into the countless blocky world crafted by millions of engaged gamers.
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