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Deposit more than $50


Gaining a 20% bonus of Ŵ

First deposit bonus rules

1. First deposit bonus is paid only when you initiate your first deposit of 50 USD equivalent of digital currency or more.

2. Only the first deposit successfully delivered to your WON account is valid for calculating bonus. Right now only Bitcoin, ETH, USDC, USDT, Ť and Ŵ are the supported digital currencies for the first deposit.

3. 20% of your first deposit will be given back to you as the first deposit bonus. The bonus will be paid in Ŵ and the maximum bonus is $20 worth of Ŵ.

4. If you deliver multiple deposit requests, only the first completed deposit counts.

5. The value of your first deposit is calculated in corresponding USD and in accordance with the actual amount delivered to your account.