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Invitation rules
1.If the invitee completes a transaction above or equal to $50, both the inviter and invitee will receive 5 WON as a reward. (This reward will be given once only.)
2.The inviter will receive a certain rate of the invitee's trading fee as a commission once the invitee completes every trade.
3.For inviter whose account holding less than 1000 WON, the commission rate is 20%. For inviter whose account holding 1000 WON or more, the commission rate will increase to 40%. Please notice that the rate may be adjusted accordingly in the future.
4.The commission amount is calculated daily and will be transfered to the inviter's account the next day. The daily settlement time is 0:00 and the payment time is before 12:00 AM the next day.
5.The valid period for the inviter earning commissions from an invitee's trading fee is 90 days, calculated from the time when the invitee sign up to WON. After that period, the inviter will not earn a commission from the invitee’s trading any more.
6.If the invitee violates any of the relevant Risk Control Rules, the commission generated by this invitee’s trading will be frozen. At the same time, the invitation status of this invitee will become [Invalid].
7.Because WON is not available in the US yet, the US phone number applicants will not receive invitation rewards.
Besides, if the invitee's phone number is not the same country with the IP he/she used to connect to our servers, neither the inviter nor the invitee will receive any rewards.

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