Deposit & Share 100,000 Ŵ.

Deposit to get up to 50 Ŵ during the event period.

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Event rules
In order to thank the new and old users, a special deposit event will be held by WON. Please check the following details of the event.
1. During the event time, all BTC/ETH/USDC/USDT/Ť/Ŵ deposited to your WON Account will be counted. The rewards will be sent according to the following rules after the event ends:
Deposit (USD) Gift Ŵ
$100 10
$250 15
$500 25
2.Cumulated deposit value = the value of deposited amount during the event (Equivalent value of US dollar) – the value of withdrawal amount(Equivalent value of US dollar)
3.The event lasts 10 days.
4.The number of gift W has a upper limit. The event will be expired ahead of schedule when all of the gift Ŵ are sent out.
5.The deposit amount is calculated based on the currency price at the time of receipt. Please pay attention to the account flow.
6. Ŵ rewards will be issued within 2 weeks after the competition ends. Please watch for your push notifications.

Any event adjustment will be subject to the latest update on, and the final interpretation right of the event belongs to